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Family Things

Here are links to some things related to our family. Mostly about Zachary right now, but still our family! Not much has changed in the past year (for those who have noticed this static website), but Benjamin is getting ever closer to his Ph.D. He still hopes to finish sometime in late 2007 and passed his preliminary exams last summer, which was a huge relief. He was encouraged that his research is actually interesting when, after presenting at two different national meetings, quite a number of folks asked him questions, shared their experiences or even offered jobs!

Cori does a seemingly effortless job of staying home and taking care of Zachary, doing various social things with him during the week and generally keeping the house from looking like the aftermath of a tornado. Zachary is now 100% into anything that has to do with construction. He and Cori spend quite a bit of time at construction sites around town watching trackhoes, cranes, bulldozers, trackdrills, dumptrucks, bucket loaders, backhoes, skidsteers, lifters, forklifts, .... I think you get the idea. He knows them all in great detail. He most recently has a love affair with orange traffic cones!

Zachary also got his first haircut recently. He woke up in the middle of the night two weeks ago and told Cori that his hair was in his eyes, to 'please cut it'. 30 minutes later, Zachary looked completely different! Just today he got a real haircut to even things out a bit. Pictures coming soon! Check back soon for the next installment of Zachary photos. I promise I will put it up soon!

  1. Zachary during his first 7 months
  2. Zachary between 7 and 14 months
  3. Zachary between 14 and 30 months

On these pages you can find a bunch of photos of Zachary (and a few odd-balls thrown in to see if you notice) as he has grown and changed over the past seven months. Sure has been a fast seven months! Cori has been staying home with Zachary while Benjamin is a full-time student working on a PhD in Hydrogeology. Yes, I believe we each would have lost our minds sometime last year if it weren't for each other. I (Benjamin) now have an even greater respect for single parents - especially moms! Zachary has been a relatively easy baby but, even so, I'm not sure how only one of us would have made it alone!

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos. Keep checking back for updates and more details.


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