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Benjamin, Cori and Zachary :-)

  1. Benjamin
  2. Family
  3. Caving
  4. The OmegaLite I

Welcome to our web page! If you would like to see pictures of us (mainly Zachary with lots of friends and other family members), please use the 'Family' link.

Check for new pictures on our photo Gallery page.

To find out more about Benjamin, his resume, and what he does with his life right now, follow the 'Benjamin' link.

This webpage is constantly (though rather sporadically) being built, so please check back soon for anything that might be missing now. Many thanks to my brother Baron Schwartz for helping me get started and making things easy to learn. You can go to www.sequent.org and check out the main Schwartz family webpage with links to other family webpages, too.

For information about Schwartz Family caving activities, you can check out the 'Caving' link. Also related to this is the link to the OmegaLite I - A caving light for all cavers who wish to 'see the light'!

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